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Books for Overcoming Ignorance

We will repeat the story of Adwa

In the history of our country, when heroism arises our martyred fathers are remembered. It is clearly written in the books that we Ethiopians defeated the enemy army in the history of Adwa. We are working better than before to create the books of Asella Public Library on the occasion of the 127th (one hundred twenty-seventh) victory day of Adwa in our country, to create history books that the generation will be inspired by, as well as a generation that will preserve the flow of history in a universal balance of Ethiopia.

Because the son of a hero is a hero, repeating history means erasing ignorance. Reading books is the tool for erasing ignorance. Reading true stories based on research articles in different ways is necessary to expand the horizon of reading and make stories that are good and change the country for the next generation. Adwa is not a story that will be remembered only in the history of Ethiopians. Even the Italians who accepted defeat have recorded their defeat in their history, although it was not good. History records all the facts. A smart reader learns from the good history and prevents the bad from repeating itself. Let's use books today as our tools to pass on what we pass on to the next generation.

A young man with a brave heart for the peace of the country and the development of the country

           Mr.Solomon Asefa

  Administration department

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