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Steps To Be Good In Your Next Tests

Studies have shown that students who are tested regularly actually learn more content and retain it longer than students who have not been tested Great news for final exams. Frequent testing has even been shown to help decrease test anxiety. 1,) Get informed Don’t walk into your test ...

Michael Alemu Rental Service Company

Michael Alemu Rental Service Company Michael Alemu Rental Service Company provides quality rental units for office use. It is providing hall rental services for various meeting programs. Anyone who wants office rent and hall rent can come and visit. Address Asella City Kebele 10 ...

Books for Overcoming Ignorance

We will repeat the story of Adwa In the history of our country, when heroism arises our martyred fathers are remembered. It is clearly written in the books that we Ethiopians defeated the enemy army in the history of Adwa. We are working better than before to create the books of Asella ...

New Arrivals


Books We improve our library capacity every time

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New Stem Projects we have different projects that used to enhance students knowledge

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Staff Workers We have enough and strong staff workers

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Our Services


Every member of the library is welcome and each person is valued.


STEM will emphasize project-based learning for children Ages 4-8; 9 to 12, and 12-18.


KETI serves children between the ages of four to seven years old in preschool and Grade 1 program setting.


250 Birrper Year

  • Free internet access
  • Borrowing book
  • Free basic computer training


1750 Birrper month

  • Food service
  • Strong security supported with camera
  • Clean and Attractive playground

Asella Public Library Termes of Service and Policy

Students in our education center as well as the community viewing this website must follow the rules and regulations listed below in order to access and use any services provided by our company.

  • Any students in our education center must follow the rules and regulations of our education center
  • Student members in Aslla Public Library are required to pay an annual fee and an ID.
  •  Every parent of a student has the right to be treated politely by our company.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the learning equipment in the technology classroom at any time.
  • All users should know the obligation to comply with the rules and regulations of our education center.